12 yo Boy Charged With Killing 15 yo Cousin

(TotalConservative.com) – A twelve-year-old child from Brownsville, New York is facing charges after shooting and killing his cousin on Sunday, June 2. Sources close to the family have suggested the discharge was accidental and the shooter’s identity is being kept confidential due to his age. Jasai Guy, 15, was the victim who was pronounced dead shortly after being transported to a hospital by emergency medical personnel.

A vigil was held outside the apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn the following evening in honor of his memory. His grandmother, Cassandra Vassell told those gathered that he was a “sweet child” and asked for prayers. Jasai’s father, Derelle Guy, called his son a “beautiful soul” and highlighted his academic and athletic achievements.

The unidentified 12-year-old will face charges including second-degree manslaughter, fourth-degree criminal weapons charges, and a criminally negligent homicide charge. The case will be handled in Family Court due to the age of the suspect. Prosecutors had their request to detain the boy denied, according to public records.

Law enforcement sources said the boys had been playing in the living room of the apartment where Jasai was staying with his father. They received a call regarding a child who was shot around 10:24 a.m. on Sunday, June 2nd. Jasai was unconscious and unresponsive and transported to Brookdale University Hospital and pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Local activist Dushoun Almond said he was told by family that the boys were playing with a firearm and fired it accidentally. Memorials sprung up around the building instantly. Neighbors reported similar sentiments moving through the crowd to the press.

New York City officials have recently expressed public concern about the number of children being killed by other children. Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez highlighted that gang violence involving children was killing other children in this district.

Mr. Almond suggested local law enforcement and nonprofits need to help the boy charged in the killing, suggesting otherwise the system would “swallow him up.”

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