Racing to defend Joe Biden for his remarks on Friday that “you ain’t black” if you have a hard time deciding between him and Trump, New York Times journalist and self-appointed historical revisionary Nikole Hannah-Jones threw off the (thin) veil of left-wing identity politics.

“There is a difference between being politically black and being racially black. I am not defending anyone but we all know this and should stop pretending that we don’t,” she tweeted.

After coming under fire for this too-honest tweet, Hannah-Jones deleted it and explained herself in a subsequent post.

“So, the point I was trying to make, though apparently not well, is being born black does not necessitate being politically black. And it’s strange that people are appearing to argue there’s no such thing as black politics when there are entire courses on it,” she said.

Well, yeah. You might as well have kept the first post up, because that’s exactly what everyone took from it. Your “clarification” just solidifies the original, reprehensible sentiment. But you’re right about one thing: It’s not surprising and people probably should stop pretending that this isn’t what the left believes.

The left has made it clear that Tim Scott of South Carolina is not really black. The same can, of course, be said for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who has no spotlight in Washington D.C.’s Museum of African-American History. Bill Cosby lost his black card when he criticized black parents for failing to raise their children right. Hell, in the most popular documentary series in America right now, we see none other than Barack Obama criticizing Michael Jordan for refusing to endorse a black North Carolina Democrat back in the 1990s. Hannah-Jones is right: There is very much a difference between political blackness and racial blackness – at least as far as the Democrat left is concerned.

Of course, it’s not just about blackness, is it? No, no. We remember how LGBT advocacy magazines disowned PayPal founder Peter Thiel after he appeared at the 2016 Republican convention to throw his endorsement behind Donald Trump. Hell, Pete Buttigieg was running for the Democratic nomination this year, and there was plenty of murmuring about how he wasn’t “gay enough” to really represent the activist community. This is how ridiculous identity politics have gotten.

The truth is that these leftist leaders don’t care about skin color, sexual orientation, or anything else. They only care about those things as a means to their Marxist ends. They are weapons to be used in a war for the soul of America. God willing, the unsuspecting pawns of this war will soon wake up and see the game that’s being played with their lives.