19-Year-Old Charged with Hate Crime in Attack on Israeli Student

(TotalConservative.com) – Manhatten prosecutors are charging a 19-year-old with hate crimes after he is alleged to have attacked a 24-year-old man on Columbia’s uptown campus with a broomstick.

Maxwell Friedman was slapped with 2nd and 3rd-degree assault charges with a hate crime modifier after he allegedly attacked a Columbia student who was putting up fliers that advertised the casualties from Hamas’ recent attack on Israel.

A visibly upset Friedman began ripping down the posters prompting a group of students to get into an argument on campus, according to statements by a friend of the victim to The Daily Spectator.

The criminal complaint indicates that witnesses saw the suspect verbally antagonizing others with expletives and invitations to fight. He wore a bandana to cover his face during the interaction, and smacked the victim with a broomstick handle, resulting in a fractured finger.

Friedman was arrested on Wednesday, October 11th, and is expected back in court sometime in November.

The Middle East is a sore spot for many people around the world as tensions have steadily increased after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th. The surprise attack caught Israeli forces off guard, allowing Hamas fighters to paraglide into an overnight music festival killing and kidnapping hundreds, many of whom remain as hostages in Gaza at the time of writing. Hundreds of rockets were fired into Israeli territory simultaneously, distracting from and obscuring their ground assault.

The fighting is believed to be directly responsible for a 71-year-old man murdering a 6-year-old Palestinian-American boy in Illinois and also attempting to kill the boy’s mother.

Protests around the world erupted with supporters on both sides of the conflict reporting a willingness to tolerate mass murder of either the Palestinians or Israeli Jews. President Joe Biden will fly to Israel this week to show American support for the Jewish nation, and hopefully help work out a peace plan in the region.

Hamas’ supporters in Iran have warned Israel and its allies, including America, of causing further violence in the region.

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