3rd Grade Teacher Rolls in Drunk on the First Day Of School

(TotalConservative.com) – An Oklahoma elementary school teacher was charged with public intoxication on her first day back in the classroom. Kimberly Coates, 53, said she was in counseling for her alcohol problem, but that didn’t prevent her from bringing booze to school and getting wasted enough to trigger the suspicion of her colleagues.

Superintendent Doug Ogle & SRO Shane Dean confronted her after they suspected she was intoxicated while working, the city of Perkins indicated in its published statement on the matter.

Bodycam footage obtained by Fox News Digital showed police discussing the matter with Ogle and other law enforcement officers. Ogle said that she seemed odd and had a completely different personality from the person he had talked with earlier in the day.

Coates originally claimed she took some anxiety medication the previous night, but failed to name what it was. She then consented to a breath-alcohol test which showed an astounding .24 or 3x the legal limit which is .08. Alcohol breath tests measure someone’s blood-alcohol level by percentage. A blood alcohol level of .24 indicates that .24% of the woman’s blood volume is alcohol. For reference, .4 or higher is potentially lethal depending on the individual.

Perkins Police Sgt. Spencer Gedon said a result like that is “several drinks,” in a statement to KWTV.

Coates then claimed she drank the previous night and on her commute to work earlier that morning. Ogle then displayed a blue cup with residue inside that smelled like alcohol and looked like wine. Coates said it was from the previous day and called it her “juice.” Officers sniffed the cup and said it smelled like wine.

Officers gave Coates the opportunity to have someone pick her up from the school, but she refused to make arrangements and ended up getting booked in Payne County with charges of public intoxication. The school refused to comment, calling the unfortunate series of events “a personnel issue.”

In other news, homeschooling is on the rise in the US. The number was increasing over time with millions of kids being homeschooled, but the pandemic dramatically increased its popularity in recent years.

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