49,000 Migrants Apprehended in ONE Month at ONE Location

(TotalConservative.com) – As Arizona struggles to manage the ongoing immigration crisis, the Tucson Sector of the US-Mexico border is becoming the most active center for migrant encounters, with nearly 50,000 apprehended over the past month.

Border Patrol agents for the Tuscon Sector have caught over 49,000 migrants crossing the southern border to enter the US illegally over the past 28 days.

In an unofficial report posted on Twitter by John Modlin, the Chief Patrol Agent for the Tuscon Sector, his agents have apprehended more than 13,300 migrants in the past week alone, resulting in 126 criminal case filings. Modlin also said there were 588 rescues, 25 incidents of human smuggling, six of drug smuggling, and one case of a firearm seized.

For the fourth week in a row, the Tucson Sector has seen over 11,000 apprehensions in a single week, and the region is quickly becoming the most active area of the border for attempted illegal crossings.

The desert is also one of the most dangerous places to cross, even when temperatures begin to cool. Modlin noted in another post that migrants trying to cross “find themselves at the mercy of the elements,” which is causing Border Agents to risk their lives to “aid anyone in need,” which the Chief Patron Agent said “should never” have to happen.

By the end of Fiscal Year 2023, agents intercepted over 372,000 immigrants in the Tucson Sector, nearly a 50% increase since the fiscal year before. As border states like Arizona and Texas are overrun, lawmakers blame the situation on the lenient border policies of President Joe Biden, attempting to mitigate the pressure on their states by bussing migrants to other states.

Massachusetts, which has taken in a mere fraction of what Arizona and Texas have experienced, already declared a state of emergency after a few thousand, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned that the over 100,000 who have arrived in the Big Apple over the past 18 months threaten to destroy the city.

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