(TotalConservative.com) – Liberal Mecca, San Francisco is trying to decide how many millions to give to each black descendant of American slaves. Their panel on reparations is currently floating $5 million per person after publishing their recommendation in January. On Tuesday, February 28th, the committee’s chair, Eric McDonnell explained that the number was the result of their “journey” and there was no “math formula” involved.

Despite slavery never being legalized in the city of San Francisco, activists say “decades of racist policy” did enough economic damage to subsequent generations that the city is responsible.

One official even suggested cutting the police budget, though that likely won’t help the ongoing crime problem in San Francisco. City Supervisor Dean Preston suggested they could use funds earmarked for police to fund the handouts. Debt forgiveness is another potential reparation floated by city officials.

Officials point out that the figure is completely insane, there simply isn’t enough money in their budget to maintain basic services and make every black resident a multi-millionaire. Some have suggested taxing cannabis sales within the city, but even that would only raise about $10 million annually, nowhere near enough to grant every approved applicant instant wealth.

Applicants would have to be 18 years or older and have identified as black or African American on public documents for a decade or longer. They must then prove they qualify for two additional criteria (from a selection of eight). These include living in San Francisco for at least thirteen years or being born there between 1940 and 1996. They could also show they are the direct descendant of anyone who was incarcerated for drug-related charges or had been locked up themselves.

Given the state of Democratically controlled cities and states, it boggles the mind how anyone could seriously consider more handouts and defunding the police. Both work to destabilize local economies and embolden criminal enterprises, perhaps that’s the intention. Without police and by enriching random people who did nothing to earn the funds, crime, and poor outcomes will only increase among San Francisco’s black population, is that what Democrats want?

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