$50M Grant Considered To Anti-Israel Climate Group

(TotalConservative.com) – Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is mulling over a grant application by the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) for $50 million in taxpayer funding over the group’s alleged “environment justice” pursuits. The group has been heavily involved in pro-Palestinian activism since the Hamas-led October 7 attacks against Israel last year which kicked off the ongoing war in Gaza.

The EPA selected the group for additional consideration for the multi-million dollar grant award after it had called for a ceasefire in the region on October 20 without denouncing the attacks against civilians by Hamas. The group has highlighted the plight of Palestinians living under the perennial threat of Israeli military incursions without acknowledging Hamas as a vicious and violent militia that regularly threatens its own people.

CJA also accused Israel of engaging in genocide and called it “an apartheid state.” Apartheid is a two-tiered system under which different groups live under different legal standards. The most common example is the system that was previously operating in South Africa which granted white people legal privileges and protections that blacks weren’t legally entitled to. While Israel has different rules for citizens and noncitizen residents of the territories, the use of the term apartheid has been debated since Israeli Arabs typically enjoy the same legal privileges as Israeli Jews.

CJA parsed an entire area of its website specifically labeled “Free Palestine.” The group has used modern rhetoric in prior calls to “decolonize” the entire area. Critics have highlighted that calls for “decolonization” are radical calls to dramatically alter current legal and moral traditions. In this context, it would refer to the dissolution of the Israeli state.

Sen. Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) said the Democrats don’t “seem to care,” specifically referencing Joe Biden’s administration in comments given to the press on May 21. Moore Capito suggested that the priority was climate-related activism, regardless of what kind of groups were being funded in the process.

EPA representatives said that the grant process was still ongoing and that no monies had been awarded or disbursed so far. It stressed that political affiliation does not impact its consideration by grantmakers as far as “evaluation, scoring, and selection” were concerned, however.

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