The #WalkAway campaign has been growing in size and strength for most of the summer as liberals are beginning to realize that the beliefs of today’s Democratic Party no longer match reality. While the left has tried desperately to pretend that the movement is a hoax fueled by Russian trolls on Twitter, the founder, Brandon Straka, is getting ready to prove that there are hundreds of thousands of former liberals who have renounced the Democratic Party – and he’s going to do it on the footsteps of the Capitol.

In an interview with the Daily Signal, Straka said he could hardly believe how much momentum the #WalkAway movement had accrued in such a short time.

“We are only just over 3 months old, and at this point on all social media platforms, we have over 370,000 people who are members of the #WalkAway Campaign who have created testimonials that are a part of it,” he said.

Straka said that the mainstream media was not even slightly interested in talking to him or covering this historic movement.

“No one from the left-wing media has ever even reached out to me for a comment, let alone an interview or to have me on to talk about it,” he said. “What they have done instead is put out stories saying it is a fake campaign, that it’s Russian bots, that it’s Russian propaganda, that it’s paid actors, that the testimonials are fake, that they’re stolen images from Shutterstock with fake testimonials attached, just anything you can imagine.”

Straka said it was his frustration with this kind of coverage that inspired him to set a date for a rally on Washington, now scheduled to take place on October 27, just a week before the midterm elections.

“We are going to fight back, and that’s when I came up with the idea for the march on Washington, because we are going to get [tens of thousands] of people together to walk away from the Democrat Party, and we are going to do it in a live demonstration that they cannot dispute,” he told the Daily Signal.

Straka started the movement after the 2016 election, at which point he was certain that the country had invited certain doom by electing Trump. Since then, the gay hairdresser had what he calls a “red pill experience” that awakened him to the insanity of the left, the evils of identity politics, and the futility of modern-day liberalism.

“There is more of us. I know it,” Straka said. “So I decided rather than just make this about me putting out a video, I am going to create a campaign, and I am going to encourage other people to make their own videos and kind of build this network of support.”

Now they’re going to have their first big “coming out” party in D.C., and if their online presence is any indication, it could be an enormous success.

Not that you’ll hear anything about it in the liberal media.