Almost every Democrat who has announced their presidential candidacy or is thought to be doing so in the coming weeks has endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal sight unseen. But now that the legislation has been revealed, we’re guessing that more than a few of them wish they could go back and have a do-over. The bill has been mocked, lambasted, criticized, and lampooned even by Democrats; the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel was so shocked by the proposal’s idiocy that she thought the Republicans had written it as a joke. For Democrats pretending that conservative media was “looking” for reasons to mock Ocasio-Cortez, the Green New Deal is the first sign that this woman’s ignorance is not just for the cameras; she’s a true-blue idiot.

Unfortunately, she is also – in a very real way – the new face of the Democratic Party.

Her rise (and the spectacular nonsense that is her first policy proposal) could be the political downfall of this party. Like, permanently. At a time when they are hoping to muster enthusiasm heading into the 2020 elections, they are in danger of becoming an absolute joke to three-quarters of the country. The rest of the country is split between college students who won’t go vote anyway and people who are actively afraid of what the Democrats would do if given power. That’s not a coalition you can build on. That’s a coalition waiting to hand the White House back to Donald Trump for another four years.

“I wonder if Democrats who represent middle-class and poverty stricken districts will fight the Green New Deal, as it would be devastating to their constituents,” mused Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale.

That’s exactly the thing. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Elizabeth Warren are tripping over themselves in an effort to prove to voters that they are the most leftist politicians in the land – or at least in the Democratic primary race. In doing so, they are going to make it impossible to swing back to the middle for a grueling fight against Trump in the general. The American people aren’t going to simply forget that these idiots once endorsed legislation that would eliminate every car, plane, and boat in the nation.

There’s been a lot of concern in conservative circles about the possibility of AOC rising to become a genuine powerhouse in Washington. The Green New Deal shows conclusively that we had nothing to be afraid of.

Democrats, on the other hand…