While the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh was an obvious win for Republicans and the Trump administration, prevailing over the evil winds of dirty politics blowing in from the left, conservative groups all over America recognized Kavanaugh’s ascendance to the Supreme Court in a much larger context: Now, for the first time in decades, we are looking at a high court that is beholden to the Constitution above all other things. And that could mean big changes are in store for the United States, the law, and the American people.

Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association released a statement praising the confirmation vote.

“Brett Kavanaugh is a constitutional judge who will adhere to the original intent of our Founding Fathers,” Wildmon said. “Despite the sleazy tactics used against Judge Kavanaugh, he has weathered the storm. His confirmation will have a positive impact for generations to come. Issues important to the American Family Association, such as sanctity of life and religious freedom, are taking on an even greater importance in our culture, and how the Supreme Court rules in these matters will affect every American for decades to come.”

Kelly Shackelford of the First Liberty Institute said that Kavanaugh was certain to stand up for the First Amendment.

“As a law firm dedicated to defending religious freedoms,” Shackelford said, “we are thrilled that Judge Kavanaugh has finally been confirmed to the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh has a solid history and commitment to protecting the religious freedoms and First Amendment rights of our citizens and has demonstrated in his many years on the bench a deep respect for the proper role of the judiciary.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said that Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the bench was nothing less than a “victory for liberty in America.”

“History was made today as Brett Kavanaugh overcame an unimaginable smear campaign to be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Perkins. “For the first time in decades, this nomination—his nomination—brought with it the reality of returning to a truly constitutionalist court. Many on the Left couldn’t stand such a thought. And for that, he and his family have paid a tremendous price.”

These conservative leaders clarify why, exactly, the Democrats were so desperate to keep Kavanaugh off the court. Yes, some of it was blatantly partisan “Resist Trump” politics, the type of which the party just can’t get away from. But mostly this came down to a deeply ideological battle for survival. Democrats know that Roe v. Wade is in greater danger than it has been in decades. They know that the era of twisting the courts into a playground for “interpretative” constitutional law is coming to an end. They know that the days of inventing constitutional rights on the fly are soon to be over. That’s why they went out of their way to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

And it’s why this victory is so very sweet.