ABC News Does Story On 3yo Transgender Child

( – Disney-owned ABC News did a glowing profile on a toddler from Texas who claims to be a transgender girl. The anonymous parent claims the child told her that he was “a girl person,” and since she claimed her son was “wise beyond [his] years” she accepted it as the truth.

The child’s mother relayed a story about how the toddler asked to be her daughter on National Daughter’s Day, which caused the mother to cry.

ABC’s profile piece puts ‘Elsa’ (the child’s pseudonym for the purposes of the profile) in the driver’s seat as the primary person driving the gender transition. Three-year-old Elsa “guided her parents,” the mother claimed, requesting girls’ attire, a new name, and to be referred to as their daughter.

The article also tells the tales of other children whose parents have allowed or encouraged them to “transition”, and how they’re moving to other states to avoid legislation that outlaws body modifications for minors. Other parents from Texas said they were moving to Colorado so they can continue to medically and psychologically transition their children in a state that approves of this approach.

One of the other parents interviewed called critics of childhood gender transition “very genocidal,” and said their attitudes caused families and their children to have “not-normal stress.”

Texas State Senator Bob Hall (R) made the comparison to protecting children from other life-long consequences and adult activities that are detrimental to their health like gambling and smoking.

President Trump also spoke out publicly recently, condemning the transitioning of minors, and elaborating on how he wants to ban boys from competing in female leagues.

The Disney Corporation has been vocal in its support for gender transition and appears to encourage homosexuality through its content. Dismayed parents have criticized Disney and its subsidiaries for what they see as the entertainment company pushing radical ideas onto toddlers and young children.

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