Once upon a time, the American Civil Liberties Union at least pretended to stand up for values like freedom of speech. Those days, of course, are long behind us. After first turning themselves into a #Resistance organization aimed squarely at stopping President Donald Trump from…well, doing anything…the ACLU has once again transformed. They now appear to be the legal arm of the woke leftist mob, which as you know if you’ve been paying attention, cares not one whit for “civil liberties” and certainly not for the speech protections found in the Constitution. They are a cancel mob, and they are willing to do literally anything to win their socialist revolution.

Granted, we don’t know if ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio actually speaks on behalf of the organization, but if he does…wow…the ACLU of old is truly dead and gone.

In a bizarre (and, because of its reliance on impenetrable critical theory language, very difficult to understand) Twitter thread this weekend, Strangio went off on the left’s favorite new target: “Transphobe” author J.K. Rowling.

“It would be nice to ignore the Harry Potter person but the rhetoric being used on her massive platform is feeding a genocidal impulse that already exists in government and within individuals,” Strangio wrote, catastrophizing in the way that today’s hard-leftists are trained to do. “She is dangerous. Situating the trans subject and the trans body in the contested discursive space the way she does pulls the conversation around transness into the posture of working to locate the legitimate trans subject.”

We don’t know what the hell Strangio means by that last sentence, and we aren’t sure we’d like to meet the person who could explain it to us. It is curious, though, that the woke left uses phrases like this that are utterly incomprehensible to anyone outside of their own little academic clique. We read J.K. Rowling’s lengthy essay defending the separate concepts of “sex” and “gender” and questioning the pressures that are influencing young girls to declare themselves “trans.” We could understand every single sentence in her piece, which was thousands of words long. Odd that Strangio can’t manage that feat in a single tweet.

One might detect bad faith in that tendency, but surely not.

“The idea being that we must defend against the allegation that too many trans people in the world reflects a problem (that is after all her point),” he continued. “And in so doing we cede the conversation to cis people and institutions. And perhaps most insidiously, in so doing, we give the false impression that sexed bodies are things only trans people have. By obscuring the larger structural impulses behind bodily policing and the violence of the sex binary, we ensure the continuation of these structures.”

Ah, so your goal is to keep the conversation away from “cis people and institutions?” Well done, then. If you could keep us out of the conversation permanently, we would not object.

“The fear that a trans person – of any age – might actually love and embrace their body is what drives JK and others. They don’t want to just make it harder for us to survive, they want to destroy any joy we might feel in our journeys,” he concluded.

Oh, Mr. Strangio, you are grossly overestimating the extent to which people like J.K. Rowling actually care about the “trans journey.” But if you’re arguing that this journey is typically “joyful,” we’d say that is not supported by evidence. Nor is it detectable in your rhetoric.

But as we said, if all you want is to be left to your little in-group, we have no problem with that. Stop calling on tampon companies to re-market their products to “people who have periods.” Stop pushing trans propaganda into cis-dominant schools. Stop demanding that we taken gendered pronouns out of our language. Leave us (and our children) alone, and we’ll go back to thinking about you as often as we think about any other miniscule minority group, which is seldomly.

But if you demand that we cry out loud: “Trans Women are Women!”…well, sorry, but you had to expect some pushback, guy.