Nationwide ICE raids are scheduled to begin on Sunday, but they were originally set to start in late June. While President Donald Trump delayed them to give Democrats an (unused) opportunity to come up with a bipartisan solution to the border crisis, at least part of that decision was made because someone leaked plans of the operation to the press.

Many inside the administration think that someone is none other than Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan, and he is now under federal investigation for his role in the leaks. Three senior Trump administration officials told the Washington Examiner that McAleenan is now under “an internal investigation.”

While not a criminal inquiry, the investigation is focused squarely on McAleenan and one of his aides.

“Any investigation into the malicious, unauthorized disclosure of the operations is completely justified. Any casual observer would logically deduce that McAleenan’s dodgy response and coy behavior warrant additional scrutiny,” an administration official told the Examiner.

Another official said: “It’s worrisome that it took days for the acting secretary to acknowledge and then deny the allegations, and it’s telling that he didn’t call for the investigation in the first place. More than anything, it’s unfortunate that people are even having this discussion at all.”

From the Examiner:

McAleenan was named by three senior administration officials and two former officials as the orchestrator of the leak, charging he wanted to sabotage ICE’s monthslong plan to find and arrest around 2,000 people who had been denied asylum and not left the country. McAleenan opposed the plan because of its potential to remove a parent from a household with children in it.

Three officials have claimed McAleenan ordered Morgan on two occasions in the two weeks leading up to the planned June 23 operation to not carry it out, orders that would have contradicted the White House’s support and approval. Morgan contacted the White House following McAleenan’s warning to try to carry it out, according to three current and two former senior administration officials.

“That’s our belief,” one official told the Washington Examiner in late June, when asked if McAleenan was behind the leak. “The secretary was not supportive from day one.”

McAleenan has, on separate occasions, either denied being the source of the leak or evaded the question altogether. If it turns out that he is responsible for this, Trump needs to get rid of him with the quickness. It’s a shame to see yet another change at the top of DHS, but we can’t have someone there who isn’t on board with the agenda. So long, Kevin.