ran a story on September 5th about the anti-gun activist group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and their battle to get Kroger grocery stores to ban guns from the premises. In a rare display of serendipity, a Memphis black gang mob viciously attacked three people outside a Kroger the very next night. The video of the attack is disturbing and raw, but it demonstrates exactly why people need to be allowed to arm themselves against the animals that inhabit many of America’s most populous cities.

Let’s start with the MSNBC story, which was predictably biased towards the activism of Moms Demand Action. They reported on the onslaught of advertisements coming from the group, all of which are aimed at getting Kroger to change their policy regarding firearms in their stores. Now Kroger isn’t selling firearms in the dairy aisle or anything. This is just MDA trying to get them to ban customers from carrying. The advertisements show the juxtaposition of things Kroger doesn’t allow (open food or drink, shirtlessness) with what they do (lawful concealed-carry where permitted).

Kroger has already responded to the shrill group, telling the media that they respect their customers and trust them to act responsibly within the framework of the law. Of course, that wasn’t enough for the mad moms, forcing them to take their propaganda campaign to the next level. Not surprising, because this is a group that has gotten accustomed to victory. According to MSNBC, Moms Demand Action has seen success in getting retailers, coffee shops, and restaurants around the country to ban guns from their establishments. It’s probably unthinkable to these liberals that a company would refuse to buckle under the pressure.

What’s especially hilarious about the article is that it was accompanied by a reader poll asking whether Kroger shoppers should be allowed to carry handguns. A startling 84% said that they should. It’s even more shocking when you consider how MSNBC worded the poll. By answering “yes”, you had to accept the tie-in statement, “It is a constitutional right.” Pro-gun people understand that it is not a constitutional right to carry a gun into a private business, but voters were willing to overlook the trap for a chance to express their point of view. Online polls mean about as much as your average Obama campaign promise, but it still made for a lovely contrast.

What wasn’t so lovely was the Memphis attack the following night. Three people were savagely beaten by thugs in the parking lot of a Kroger. The thugs identified themselves as members of “Fam Mob,” a Memphis-based gang, according to local news media. The video shows white people being attacked by blacks, but of course the news reports make no mention of race. That would be fine…except they never fail to mention race when the situation is reversed. But we’ve come to expect as much.

If the victims in Memphis had been armed, would they have still been beaten to the point of unconsciousness by these teen animals? Maybe. Maybe not. But to have a group out there trying their damnedest to disarm Americans in the face of this kind of random violence is just as sickening as the attack itself. Thankfully, if the MSNBC poll is any indication, America’s gun-rights proponents aren’t going to submit quietly to liberal idiocy.