Rep. Adam Schiff has done an excellent job over the last year or so, if you consider getting your face on television to be the primary job of a U.S. lawmaker. Because, damn, the guy has definitely done that.

But according to the Republican challenging Schiff for California’s 28th congressional district, that actually doesn’t have anything to do with representing the will of the American people, much less the constituents in Schiff’s district. Eric Early says that if voters elect him to Congress, he’ll spend his time working for them instead of chasing the fame train.

“He’s spent too much time in Washington seeking the limelight,” Early said of Schiff in an interview with a local Fox affiliate. “It’s time for a congressman to be here who actually cares about our district.”

The interview, which took place during a tour of the 28th district, allowed Early to expound on the problems facing Schiff’s hometown – problems that Schiff ignored so he could focus on the doomed attempt to remove President Trump from the White House.

On the tour, Early – a Los Angeles attorney – pointed out examples of rampant drug use, mental health problems, and other cultural and social plagues that were going unaddressed by the Democratic congressman.

“It’s a mess out here, it’s terrible,” Early said. “He’s done nothing, or virtually nothing, for our district. Certainly not a darn thing for homelessness.”

Early emphasized the sprawling homelessness problem, which a recent poll showed to be the number one concern among the district’s voters. He said that his campaign would highlight Schiff’s utter lack of action of the problem.

These complaints are not going unanswered; Schiff’s campaign told the Fox affiliate that the congressman has done plenty to address homelessness – he even “recently participated in a roundtable discussion on affordable housing for the district.”

Whew, and he still had time to preside over the impeachment prosecution? Amazing.

“These attacks from Eric Early, who is from out of the district and knows little of our community, are characteristic of someone who once described himself as Trump’s biggest supporter in California,” Schiff’s campaign said, defending a guy who is from Massachusetts. “They may please Trump, but do not impress our constituents.”

Early said, however, that he was willing to make the tough calls to actually solve the homelessness crisis.

“We need somebody strong enough to fight and say we are going to forcibly move these people off the streets if they don’t come voluntarily,” Early said. “That may not look quote-unquote compassionate but I believe it’s much more compassionate than leaving these folks out here to die.”