Adams Asks Judge to Suspend Right to Shelter Law

( – As he struggles to contend with housing over 122,000 migrants who’ve flooded into the city over the last 18 months, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is now desperately pleading with a judge to roll back the Big Apple’s longstanding law that grants the “right to shelter.”

Last Tuesday, October 3, the 63-year-old Democratic mayor sent out a letter urging a judge to reverse “right to shelter” legislation that legally obligates the city to house anyone requiring shelter. Adams argues that the law, which was passed in 1982, should not apply in a state of emergency situation.

The letter was sent to Erika Edwards, a New York Supreme Court Justice. Adams warned that the massive influx of migrants continues without any “signs of abating.” The letter cited a 159% increase in those in New York City’s care over the last 18 months. The mayor traveled to the border again last Wednesday in another attempt to convince migrants not to move to the Big Apple.

Just a year ago, Adams said New York City was “proud” to provide shelter to those seeking asylum over the border and promised to continue the effort. Now, he joins the ranks of other Democratic leaders who are beginning to change their tune after declaring themselves “sanctuaries.”

Homeless advocacy groups have already pushed back against the recent proposal, claiming that it will abolish rights offered to the American homeless population in the city. Adams may not have a choice, though. New York City’s resources are currently pushed to the brink, with homeless shelters and hotels that have been converted into shelters at capacity. Some migrants are already ending up on the streets themselves.

In September, Adams warned that if the federal government didn’t do something more to help, the crisis would destroy the city.

Adams is running out of options, and he’ll find little sympathy from conservatives and Republican lawmakers, many of whom believe Democratic-run states and cities brought the crisis on themselves by supporting President Joe Biden and his border policies. Biden recently approved the continued construction of a border wall, claiming the funds for it already existed and could not be redirected, but former President Donald Trump is now demanding the president apologize to him.

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