Additional GOP States Rebel Against Title IX

( – Nearly half the states are suing the Biden administration over a recent shift in the Title IX, a 1972 era policy that was crafted to mandate equal treatment between men and women in universities across the nation. Schools that don’t abide by the rules are ineligible for federal funds for research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), student loans, and other programs that allocate tax dollars to universities.

The Biden administration updated the rules to include sexual orientation and gender identity which is wildly inconsistent with the spirit and letter of how the rules were enforced previously.

Oklahoma and Missouri are the most recent states who have filed challenges in federal court. The GOP controlled states filing suits generally have state laws already established regulating women’s sports to specifically exclude transgender-identified males who claim to be women. Similar laws have been passed regarding the use of women’s locker rooms and bathrooms in some of the states.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey highlighted that the Biden administration is wildly outside its legal and constitutional jurisdiction. Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin called the situation “completely inconsistent” with the law and relevant precedent.

The current number of states legally challenging the rule is now at 21. Many state officials, including Arkansas, have said publicly that they will not respect nor implement the rule change. The Department of Education was primarily responsible for updating the rule and had no comment, citing pending litigation.

A high school female athlete from Arkansas joined the suit; her name is Amelia Ford. She stated her firm contention that male athletes have no place in female sports, regardless of how they dress or identify. Biden’s rules don’t specifically mention transgender individuals though they do qualify gender identity as a protected category.

Many complainants highlight that protected categories are reserved for people who are disadvantaged. Transgender identifying individuals are self-declared (there’s no objective test for the condition) and the condition is primarily associated with poor mental health.

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