AI Claims Conservative Women Are Prettier And Happier

( – An artificial intelligence (AI) system says that conservative women are seen as both happier and more attractive than politically left-wing women, according to a new study published in March.

The study was published in Scientific Reports, a journal owned by Nature. The researchers combined “convolutional neural networks, heat maps, facial expression coding, and classification of identifiable features such as masculinity and attractiveness” in a “study of political ideology” conducted on 3323 Danes.

The model identified females with higher scores of attractiveness as more likely to be politically conservative, although this was not the case for males.

According to the researchers, the results can be considered “credible” because previous research conducted using humans to rate the subjects instead of AI found the same link between holding conservative values and attractiveness. Another interesting finding showed a link between “left-wing ideology” and the expression of “contempt.”

Among both females and males, a correlation between conservatism and expressions of happiness was also found, which the researchers believe could have to do with the fact that conservative politicians tend to be higher in extraversion, according to previous research. They also said attractiveness may be a value more important to those who are politically conservative.

A 2017 study supports the findings of the AI study, finding that politicians who lean right tend to be more attractive in the United States, Australia, and Europe. Those researchers also suggested people who are physically attractive are more successful financially and more likely to oppose welfare programs and tax policies that are more politically progressive.

The AI system used is called Face API which was developed by Microsoft Azure. It showed a 61% accuracy in predicting political leanings in males and females using only a single photo of someone’s face. Part of the reason the researchers conducted the study was to demonstrate the possible privacy risks of AI technology.

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