AI Staff Turmoil Creates Uncertain Future

( – It’s not looking good for OpenAI, the artificial intelligence (AI) tech start-up that founded ChatGPT, as over 700 of its employees composed, signed and published a letter last week stating they might resign from the company to join Microsoft if Sam Altman isn’t reinstalled as chief executive.

A member of the OpenAI board of directors, Ilya Sutskever, who initially helped eject Altman last week, has now reversed his position on the matter and signed the letter calling for Altman’s reinstatement. Sutskever posted on Twitter that he “deeply” regrets his “participation in the board’s actions.” He said he “never intended to harm” the company and “will do everything” to “reunite the company.” Altman quote-tweeted Sutskever’s message, responding only with three red heart emojis.

The company only has 770 employees, which means the vast majority of the company’s workforce signed the letter.

Including Sutskever, there are a total of four members on the OpenAI board of directors who ousted Altman, which was announced on Nov. 17 on the OpenAI website. Altman quickly joined forces with Microsoft and began developing a new AI project with the old-guard tech company. A few employees have already jumped ship to join him, such as Open AI president Greg Brockman, who announced he and three researchers would be leaving in solidarity with Altman.

Microsoft has roughly a 49% stake in OpenAI, having invested around $13 billion. The letter also informs the board that staff have been assured by Microsoft that positions are available for all of them if they decide to join its new subsidiary for AI development.

Historically, OpenAI is one of the quickest-growing tech companies in Silicon Valley, and now it’s unclear if the start-up will survive this major leadership change.

Over the last year, more are becoming concerned about AI as a whole, raising questions about the impact these systems will have on everyday human life. Lawmakers are also discussing the potential national security risk of such technology.

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