Air Force Pilot Receives Posthumous Promotion

( – The Air Force Secretary posthumously awarded Capt. Terrell K. Brayman the rank of major after his Osprey crashed off the coast of Japan during a training exercise on November 29th. Brayman, 32, and eight other Air Force officers were aboard the craft when it went down into the ocean off the coast of Yakushima Island. Media reported that witnesses observed that the left engine of the tiltrotor aircraft was on fire.

Japanese and American rescue teams found the wreckage a week later, no one survived the crash. Officials are still investigating to determine the precise cause. The Osprey was serving under Air Force Special Operations Command.

Bray had actually passed the requirements and was selected for a promotion to major in December 2022 but died before the process was complete, according to officials.

“In times like these, where service to our nation is not just a personal commitment but also a legacy woven into the fabric of our families, the depth of sorrow is immeasurable,” Lt. Gen. Tony Bauernfeind said in a statement. He also wrote that their honorable service would never be forgotten.

The crash was the deadliest since 2018 when nine Air Guardsmen died in a WC-130 cargo plane that went down in Georgia.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall put out a statement that called the men brave and said they were diligently training at the time of their deaths. He argued that their dedication to the mission should serve as an inspiration to all of us.

The Osprey has a questionable safety history with other deadly crashes in recent years. In 2010, three American military personnel died in a Osprey crash in Afghanistan. This past August saw three Marines perish when their Osprey went down in Australia. There were two more crashes in 2022 which claimed the lives of nine Marines in total.

The Osprey is a titled-rotor aircraft which allows it to take off vertically like a helicopter and rotate the rotors forward once it gets high enough to move like a plane.

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