In yet another one of his treasured lectures to the people of the United States, noted American scholar Alec Baldwin took time out from his schedule of Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live to inform his Twitter followers that the president’s supporters are responsible for bringing this country to the brink of total “moral collapse” in recent years.

“American democracy has always been a struggle between the misaligned protections of specific freedoms and a raging, at times intoxicating, 12 cylinder economy,” said Professor Baldwin. “It demanded vigilant/consistent regulation, compassion for the disenfranchised and the periodic display of a necessary sacrifice that allowed for the long term health of our society at the expense of short term whims.

“The desecration of those ideals and the near moral collapse of this country falls squarely in the lap of Trump’s supporters, as opposed as opposed to Trump himself, who is merely what psychology labels the ‘objective negative function,’” he continued, pretending he knows what he’s talking about. “Like fire, floods and earthquakes, it destroys, and only destroys, by its very nature. Without prejudice.”

In conclusion, Baldwin said: “It is Trump voters, particularly those who would re-elect him who bear the blame. For the undeniable and colossal destruction of everything that matters to us as Americans that cannot be merely monetized.”

It is…almost fantastically difficult to swallow the concept of Alec Baldwin posing on Twitter as an economic expert. But if anything is even more laughable it is the idea of Alec Baldwin as the arbiter of American morality. We’re hard pressed to think of any Hollywood celebrity we’d put in such a role, but if we were to carefully rank them, it would be a long, long time before we’d find Baldwin’s spot on the list. We’re not sure who, exactly, he’s signaling to with these ridiculous posts, but he should probably stick to bad impressions.

What Baldwin would do well to remember is that he doesn’t necessarily have a firm grasp of “everything that matters to us as Americans.” It’s been a long time since he’s lived “in America.” On the other hand, we’ve gotten a very explicit glimpse of everything “matters to Hollywood” in recent years, and those values do not align well with those nearly everywhere else. Trump was and is a rejection of those values and the unending harm they bring on our culture, our economy, and our very souls.

Make no mistake, if we as Trump supporters are responsible for bringing about the “near moral collapse” of Hollywood’s ideology, we’ll wear it as a badge of honor.