Alicia Keys Under Fire for Allegedly Posting Pro-Terrorist Message

( – Performance artist Alicia Keys took down an Instagram post in which she was seen wearing a green, black, and white leather racing jacket and referenced going paragliding.

Commenters were quick to slam the post as related to the Hamas terror attacks on Israel over the weekend of October 7th in which the attackers used paragliders to fly over the Gaza border into Israel. Green, black, and white are associated with Hamas and the occupied territories.

The attacks resulted in over a thousand dead and hundreds more taken hostage. They were the single greatest attack on Israel from the occupied territories in history.

Keys denied the association while some commentators like Tim Pool suggested she was “testing the waters,” with the post. She eventually deleted the post and put up a retraction on her Instagram stories claiming that the post “was COMPLETELY unrelated” to the attack on Israeli civilians which she called “devastating” and said her heart was broken and she wants to encourage peace.

Megyn Kelly posted on X asking how Keys’s post was “ignored” while others called the post “pro-Hamas filth.”

The New York Times had previously covered Keys announcing her intention to perform in Tel Aviv in 2013 despite the then-calls for an entertainment boycott of the Israeli state. Roger Waters was one of the popular voices behind the boycott and he had asked her personally not to perform.

Artists like the Pixies, Gil Scott-Heron, and Elvis Costello all abided by the boycott while others like Elton John and Rihanna performed despite protests. The late physicist Stephen Hawking pulled out from an academic conference in Israel in May 2013, citing “advice from Palestinian academics” in his circle.

Keys’ former manager Guy Oseary defended Keys, saying that while paragliding may be a trigger word for Jews right now, he wanted to assure his audience that she never exhibited anti-semitism in his presence and that her post was entirely innocent despite the reference to paragliding.

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