In one of the most shockingly-partisan turnarounds we’ve ever seen from a corporate institution, Amazon sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Wednesday, offering to help his administration get coronavirus vaccine doses out to the masses. According to NBC News, which couldn’t avoid the obvious question as to whether or not Amazon extended this offer to Trump, “the company was in touch with CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and Dept. of Health and Human Services last month.”

However, NBC continued, a spokesman for the company made “no mention of a direct letter to President Trump.”

Not that we really need to put too fine a point on this, it washes out to: Amazon is willing to help a Democratic president succeed in eradicating a deadly virus, but they were sitting back and hoping that Trump would fail.

How caring. How patriotic.

Of course, there may be strings attached to Amazon’s offer. The Hill reported last month that the company wanted the Trump administration to make sure that its employees were first in line for the vaccine:

Amazon reportedly asked the U.S. government to prioritize essential workers such as its warehouse, grocery store and data center employees to get the coronavirus vaccine, according to a letter obtained by Reuters. The letter was apparently written by Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations Dave Clark and addressed to the chairman of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

This opens up the significant possibility that Amazon isn’t so interested in helping Biden because he’s not Trump, but because they think they can finagle their way to the front of the vaccine line and force the rest of the public to wait.

Indeed, in his letter to Biden, Amazon’s consumer business CEO Dave Clark wasn’t shy about this proposition.

“As the nation’s second largest employer, Amazon has over 800,000 employees in the United States, most of whom are essential workers who cannot work from home,” Clark wrote. “We are proud of the role our employees have played to help customers stay safe and receive important products and services at home, which is critical for people with underlying medical conditions and those susceptible to complications from COVID-19. The essential employees working at Amazon fulfillment centers, AWS data centers and Whole Foods Market stores across the country who cannot work from home should receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the earliest appropriate time.”

No word yet on whether or not Biden intends to make the deal.