AMD Suffers Likely Cyberattack

( – Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is the world’s second-largest producer of microprocessors after Intel and the company has recently confirmed a potential cyber attack after an ad posted on the dark web by a hacker named “Intelbroker” claimed he was in possession of sensitive corporate data.

Investigations by the company and law enforcement resulted in representatives suggesting that the hack may not have occurred at all, and even if it did, the hacker is unlikely to possess information that can threaten operations or future product releases.

Initially, AMD confirmed the details to corporate press outlets on June 21, suggesting the hack was real. Intelbroker claimed he was in possession of source codes, firmware, employee and customer data (including personal identifying information), and details on future AMD products.

The news triggered a slight drop in AMD’s stock price on Tuesday, June 18. Their stock dipped 2.4% while all other major tech companies rallied. It recovered over the next few days, however.

After further review, AMD claimed that the hacker had access to “very limited” data and that they don’t anticipate any impact on the company going forward. They suggested that claims Intelbroker had product data were false, highlighting that sample data released by the hacker to prove his claims was from already released products on the market. They said they can’t confirm any hack that accessed future product data.

Investigations are ongoing, however, and the hacker himself has a reputation for prior breaches including Facebook’s European-based marketplace. The timing is also suggestive, as AMD personnel are largely focused on Computex 2024.

As a major technology company AMD is frequently the subject of attempted cyberattacks. As recently as 2022 the company was slapped with a ransomware attack after 450GB of data was hijacked by the company. The data included user passwords and files for their internal computer system.

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