Mainstream media and liberal feminists are not only quiet about Taliban’s abuse of women in Afghanistan but over the barbaric treatment of women in the oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well. In a new case of leaked savagery, Saudi officials are seen physically beating women in a video shared on Twitter.

The incident, mainly reported in some international media sources, took place in Saudi Arabia’s Asir province. Posted to Twitter on August 30, the video shows a group of women in traditional black cloaks (abayas) being chased and attacked by a group of men at a facility the media learnt is an orphanage. The women were said to be protesting against the living conditions at the facility, invoking the fury of the administration.

The men, some of them in traditional Saudi robes and some in security uniforms, are seen dragging the women by hair and slamming them to the ground outside the orphanage building. They are seen cuffing the women, twisting their arms, and hitting them with sticks and belts. The women under attack are screaming in panic as they are overpowered by the men ganging up on them. The men also reportedly used tasers on the women they targeted during the raid.

Dr. Mahmoud Refaat, President of the European Institute for International Law and International Relations, tweeted the video of the incident and condemned the violence against women.

Lebanese news channel Al-Mayadeen cited Saudi rights activists claiming that the administration of the orphanage let the security personnel inside the facility to chase and beat the girls that were demanding to get their rights. The Prince of Asir has reportedly formed a committee to probe the incident a day after the video was posted to social media and started attracting attention.

Mainstream media sources have mostly gone missing in action on the story of women’s abuse caught on video in Asir, Saudi Arabia. NBC, Washington Post, and ABC are the only mainstream leftist sources that reported on the incident though without showing any significant journalistic curiosity. Nearly all media sources reporting the story included the note that the videos could not be “independently verified” – something they don’t often include when reporting on videos from social media.

Saudi Arabia has been known for decades as a country with sexist laws and oppression of women. In 2019, the kingdom allowed women to drive for the first time in its history. However, women are not allowed many basic rights that a modern and free society offers. Both men and women live under the constant threat of long prison sentences and torture if they are caught criticizing the kingdom on social media.