Well, it appears that the American Cancer Society has been captured by the woke PC Police. The organization released a new set of guidelines for pap screenings this week, but the guidance drew attention not because of the actual advice but because the ACS went (well) out of its way to make sure that transgender people did not get offended by the word “women.”

From The Daily Mail:

The American Cancer Society has been slammed for using the phrase ‘individuals with a cervix’ in its latest pap screening advice, rather than women.

Cervical cancer screening is now recommended to start at 25, instead of 21, and HPV testing should begin at 25 rather than 30. 

But in updating its advice, the ACS used ‘individuals with a cervix’, rather than ‘women’ in its guidance, because transgender, non-binary and gender-nonconforming individuals can also have a cervix. 

The phrasing was ridiculed online, with one Twitter user saying: ‘Individuals with a cervix is a long way to just say women.’

Oh lordy, these folks are out of control.

“I’m pretty sure there’s a word for these individuals but I can’t be certain,” noted blogger Matt Walsh.

Another Twitter user, however, was pleased by the American Cancer Society for using the phrase, insisting that “it is the correct way to phrase that statement.”

Sure. Whatever you say, buddy.

This is reminiscent of the controversy last year when Always decided to remove the “female” symbol from their tampon boxes because, after all, men can have periods, too. Or when a tech company wrote a piece earlier this year arguing for a post-COVID world with greater equality for “people who menstruate.” That latter piece enraged writer JK Rowling, who mocked it saying she was “sure there was a word for those people.” Rowling, of course, has become Public Enemy #1 for the LGBT left after coming out against this insanity.

When we’ve gotten to the point where we can no longer even use the word “women” as a convenient category to describe “individuals with a cervix,” we are all the way through the looking glass. Surely most people can see this madness for what it is. But if we are building an environment where people are canceled and fired for speaking out against this obvious nonsense, how long will it be before any and all backlash goes silent?

Hell, it seems to us that we’re pretty much there already.