It’s difficult to even fathom the kind of mainstream media coverage this situation would get if we had a Democratic president and conservative cities were vowing to thwart the enforcement of federal law. The backlash would be monumental, savage, and apocalyptic. Every day, there would be blaring headlines in The New York Times about the “rogue Right” and their disdain for democracy and the rule of law. Opinion editors would write lengthy treatises on the Civil War, and they would blame Republican city councils, mayors, and governors for ushering us towards the second one. Only a matter of time, they would say, until blood flows in the streets.

But since what we’re witnessing are Democratic enclaves (towns, cities, and states) rising up against a Republican president, you see none of that. Indeed, these municipalities are quietly regarded as modern heroes, standing up to the whims of a tyrannical crook, whose only aim is to rid the United States of brown people. That’s when they bother covering these stories at all. Because of course, when the president is as awful as Donald Trump, resistance isn’t as much news as it is the natural course of things.

In Cincinnati this week, Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld announced that the city would create a Rapid Response Network to help illegal aliens escape the long arm of the law.

From the Cincinnati Inquirer:

Sittenfeld filed a motion on July 17 to form the Rapid Response Network, which was signed by six council members including Sittenfeld. The other council members were Greg Landsman, Chris Seelbach, David Mann, Tamaya Dennard and Wendell Young.

Sittenfeld said he expects a vote on the legislation will take place during the first week of August and expects the council will vote unanimously to pass it.

“Because of the current occupant of the White House … we the City of Cincinnati need to be proactive when it comes to protecting members of our community,” Sittenfeld said. “If you pay our taxes, if you are raising your family here, if you are adding to the diversity of our neighborhoods – and all of our immigrant and refugee families are doing this – you’re absolutely a member of our community.”

We don’t know what was said in the (…) above, but we assume it was not “who is bound and determined to actually enforce this nation’s laws.” It should have been, though, because that’s exactly what Trump is doing. But that’s the kind of inconvenient truth that Democrats are determined to ignore.

Cincinnati’s Rapid Response Network will give illegal aliens taxpayer-funded legal representation, train them in “Know Your Rights” campaigns, and offer assistance to any illegals who are affected by ICE detention or deportation.

Imagine being this consumed with your hatred of Trump that you shovel thousands of dollars in public funds towards rescuing people who shouldn’t even be in this country. It defies the imagination.