The liberal media will defend the raid on Michael Cohen’s home and office last week all day long, but it seems that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may have overplayed his hand…at least as far as the American people are concerned. Mueller’s investigation, which has enjoyed the support of the public in most major polls thus far, has begun to sour in the wake of that outrageous intrusion into attorney-client privilege. And while yes, technically, the raid was not carried out by the Special Counsel’s Office, it seems that the majority of Americans aren’t buying that particular excuse.

According to a new poll by Rasmussen, Mueller’s formerly-high trust numbers in the public are beginning to finally falter as more Americans become aware of the indisputably partisan nature of the inquiry into the so-called “collusion” question. After nearly a year on the job, Mueller has still not come up with one shred of evidence connecting the Trump campaign to Moscow’s election activities, and it seems that the voters are growing sick of this distraction. And with Mueller expanding his probe to include things as irrelevant as Stormy Daniels, it may be that the American public has finally had enough.

Six months ago, Rasmussen reported that 52% of the country supported the Mueller investigation and believed it to be “an honest attempt to determine criminal wrongdoing.” This time around, however, only 46% of Americans believe that to be the case. Simultaneously, the number of voters who think the Mueller investigation is a “partisan witch hunt” has jumped a full eight points from 32% to 40%.

“Following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s invasion of the office and home of President Trump’s personal lawyer, voters increasingly believe Mueller’s probe is politically biased,” read the report from Rasmussen. “But they also tend to think he is unlikely to nail the president for anything criminal.”

We’re increasingly doubtful, though, that landing an indictment against the president is even within the scope of Mueller’s hopes. At this point, he is simply acting as a tool for the Justice Department – a figure meant to throw so much confusion and smoke into the air that the American people never circle back to say, Man, what about that FISA abuse business? What about the Hillary email case? What about this phony dossier? They want those questions to go away, and they’ve asked Mueller to keep digging until he finds enough dirt to cover their tracks forever. If he can help the Democrats win the midterms in the process, so much the better.

But if this poll is any indication, Mueller had better come up with something substantial soon or public opinion is going to turn on him in a big way.