A new poll from CNN shows what most Americans already know – the country’s citizens have lost all trust in the government. Continuing canada goose youth chilliwack a pattern of Washington distrust that has its roots in the Watergate scandal of the late 1970s, the poll’s respondents made it clear that they don’t put a lot of faith in politicians.


From this question, only 1% of respondents thought they could trust the government “just about always.” Another 12% of people said they could trust the government to do the right thing “most of the time,” and 10% of respondents believed they could “never” trust the government. That left a whopping 76% of people to decide they could trust Washington to do the right thing “only some of the time,” essentially giving politicians the same amount of faith as a broken clock. Once in a while, they’ll get it right just by pure chance.

Mistrust of government has become part of the fabric of American politics, so much so that many of today’s polo ralph lauren uk  younger voters can probably not remember a time when there was widespread government approval of any kind. There was a brief boost in confidence following 9/11, but it didn’t take long for that to fade.

Certainly, having a liar as bold and brash as Barack Obama in the White House hasn’t done much to restore faith to Washington. His numerous lies and broken promises have undoubtedly influenced that 10% of people who claimed to “never” trust the government.

You can throw a dart and hit an Obama lie. You don’t even have to try. You don’t have to dig. Take his much-ballyhooed appearance on Zack Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns show last year where he insisted that most young Americans were not currently covered mens barbour jacket  by health insurance.  Only about 25% of Americans below the age of 34 were uninsured at the time.

Or take his statement at the State of the Union where he claimed that his administration had made such progress in the area of energy independence that cars were getting twice the amount of mileage from a gallon of gas.  There are plans on the books to get fuel economy standards to 54 mpg, but the projections estimate we won’t see those numbers until 2025.

You can add in the time he said that Americans wouldn’t have to give up their health insurance, the time he promised that he would close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, and his vow that he wouldn’t fill his administration with lobbyists.

The quest for an honest politician may be a futile one, and we’re probably a long way from turning American sentiment in favor of Washington. The more politically-divided we become, the less chance there is that the majority ofcanada goose jacket sale us will define “doing the right thing” the same way. There’s no doubt, though, that we can do better than this.