According to a new CNN/ORC poll, 54% of Americans think race relations have gotten worse in the eight years since Barack Obama first took office. Broken down by race, 57% of whites think relations have worsened while only 40% of blacks feel the same. CNN notes that this is a big jump from last summer, when only 43% of the combined population felt that relations between blacks and whites had deteriorated under Obama. And that survey was taken immediately after the shooting at a black church in South Carolina.

It would be tempting to do the easy thing and blame Obama for these growing divisions, but the reality is that he’s only a tiny part of the problem. When you dig deeper into the survey, you come to a disturbing realization. Race relations haven’t worsened, thus creating the perception that they have. The perception was created FIRST, through which followed the actual degradation.

CNN and any other mainstream media outlet reporting on this poll should use the headline: We Did It!

Because to a much larger degree than Obama, the media is to blame for the narrative that so many Americans, black and white, have thoughtlessly bought into. They have taught us a message of division since 2008, when they began characterizing any attack on Obama as being rooted in some form of racism. This message, though dangerous for its own reasons, was nothing compared to the story they started telling in 2012, when Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida.

At that point, the liberal news media became conscious of their power to push public sentiment to fit their desires. True, they knew of this power already, but now they were going to flex their muscles in a way they’d never done before. A fearful population looks to the government for help and they look to consumerism to give them peace.

By peddling the “Black Lives Matter” narrative for the next four years, the mainstream media and their allies in the Democratic Party scored two victories at once. With no regard for what this flame might become, they carelessly parroted lies and omitted facts to get one clear message across: Black people are being gunned down by racist whites.

We will not heal the racial divide by “solving” the “problems” invented by the liberal media. There are no problems – or, at least, they are not the problems being conveyed on TV. They will never be solved because they never existed to begin with.

By “fighting” this fiction, we’re making the fiction real.