For more than a week, Seattle Police and the National Guard did everything in their power to block left-wing agitators from destroying the East Precinct building. Standing firm behind barriers and with determined resolve, these law enforcement officers and their military allies resisted the mob even as they endured a barrage of bottles, bricks, rocks, and IEDs that sent some of them to the hospital with injuries. Astoundingly, the riot mob, comprised of an ugly mixture of antifa anarchists and Black Lives Matter thugs, accused the police of using brutal tactics and made demands about the tools they use to defend themselves and the precinct.

Did we say “astoundingly”? We should have saved that word, because what’s truly “astounding” is what happened next.

From City-Journal:

Then, in a stunning turn of events, the City of Seattle made the decision to abandon the East Precinct and surrender the neighborhood to the protesters. “This is an exercise in trust and de-escalation,” explained Chief Carmen Best. Officers and National Guardsmen emptied out the facility, boarded it up, and retreated. Immediately afterward, Black Lives Matter protesters, Antifa black shirts, and armed members of the hard-Left John Brown Gun Club seized control of the neighborhood, moved the barricades into a defensive position, and declared it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone—even putting up a cardboard sign at the barricades declaring “you are now leaving the USA.”

On the new rebel state’s first night, the atmosphere was festive and triumphant. Hooded men spray-painted the police station with slogans and anarchist symbols, renaming it the “Seattle People’s Department East Precinct.” Raz Simone, a local rapper with an AK-47 slung from his shoulder and a pistol attached to his hip, screamed, “This is war!” into a white-and-red megaphone and instructed armed paramilitaries to guard the barricades in shifts. Later in the night, Simone was filmed allegedly assaulting multiple protestors who disobeyed his orders, informing them that he was the “police” now, sparking fears that he was becoming the de facto warlord of the autonomous zone. A homeless man with a baseball bat wandered along the borderline and two unofficial medics in medieval-style chain mail stood ready for action.

Yes, you read that correctly. Seattle city “leaders” have basically surrendered blocks of territory to an anarchist army. This is real. This is happening right now in the United States of America.

What do these terrorists demand in exchange for getting the territory back? Oh, nothing much: Just the complete abolition of the Seattle Police Department, a retrial for every black person currently serving a sentence for violent crimes, and the introduction of “restorative/transformative accountability programs,” whatever that means. Until then, the barbarians will maintain control of this section of the city.

Instead of drawing up plans to knock these anarchists back into the Stone Age, the Seattle City Council is actually cheering them on. One member, Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, called the takeover a “victory over the militarized police force of the political establishment and the capitalist state.”

Hoo boy.

“Radical Left Governor @JayInslee and the Mayor of Seattle are being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before,” President Trump tweeted on Thursday. “Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. These ugly Anarchists must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!”

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan quickly responded: “Make us all safe. Go back to your bunker. #BlackLivesMatter.”


Welp, if you live in Seattle, this would be an excellent time to consider moving far, far away. Might want to put a rush on that. You know, before property values plummet through the ground.