According to the man behind the Conservative Political Action Conference, Matt Schlapp, this year’s CPAC event will be sharply focused on warning of the evils of socialism – a timely topic given the drastic shift in the Democratic Party taking place before our eyes. In an interview with Fox News, Schlapp said that Democrats are “going full-in on socialism, political correctness, and tossing aside all our traditions,” making it more important than ever that Republicans and Donald Trump win the 2020 election.

“The Democrats are flirting with this idea that the principles that founded this country are actually rotten and need to be cast aside,” warned Schlapp.

It’s not a surprise to see CPAC focus on this topic, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be central to defining the difference between Republicans and Democrats in the next election. Some conservatives have been bashing the Democratic Party as a home for socialism for years, but only now have some on the left begun to openly embrace the label. Hell, just last week, presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar bristled at the idea of being a “moderate” Democrat. THAT’S the label they are running away from; socialism, to them, is a selling point in the primaries.

The turning point, if there was one, seems to have been the near-upset run of Bernie Sanders in 2016. Democrats took a look at Sanders’ surprising momentum in the primaries (combined with Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump) and determined that they no longer needed to be afraid of embracing their inner Mao. You can draw a straight line from Sanders to IT Girl of the Moment Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and from there to the presidential candidates of 2020, all of whom seem to be taking their policy cues from the young upstart from New York City.

“As conservatives who understand the founding of the country, there are very specific principles of what make America great,” said Schlapp. “And the thumbnail of that is socialism does not make America great. Socialism is actually completely opposed to Americanism. And that will be explained in a variety of ways throughout CPAC.”

Between veering off into extreme forms of social justice (reparations for slavery), committing to expansive, nonsensical legislation aimed at combating climate change, and a blind focus on investigating the sitting president until he turns into an early lame duck, Democrats are apparently banking on an American electorate that is much further to the left than polls would indicate. If the 2020 election is decided by college students, Trump and the Republicans have much to fear. If, on the other hand, it is decided by everyone else – the same way it has been every time there has been an election – we’re finding it increasingly difficult to see how they can win.

Or maybe we’re just whistling past the graveyard…