So how often does this need to happen before we collectively wake up and begin treating these incidents of “racist graffiti” as false flags from the get-go. These aren’t the Infowars-style “false flags” where anything and everything is a government conspiracy, these are incidents that turn out, time after time, to be members of a particular ethnic group trying to start something by putting hate messages out in public.

Now, before we even get into this story, we should talk about something else. And that is the simple realization that if someone sprays “LEAVE N***ers” on the wall somewhere or someone “builds a wall” in the bathroom or someone hangs a banana from a tree…it doesn’t ACTUALLY matter. It doesn’t. At all. And if people had enough backbone to realize that simple truth, we wouldn’t see national hysteria every time some hooligan knocks over a headstone at a Jewish cemetery. We wouldn’t be bending over backwards to charge someone with a “hate crime” when the worst you can really say is that they engaged in vandalism. And if THAT were the case, you wouldn’t have these morons out there writing hate messages against their “own group,” because they would know that…no one gives a damn!

Sadly, though, that’s not the case. And it’s especially not the case on college campuses, where liberal students and those majoring in identity politics are being trained to find offense in every comment and microaggression that crosses their path. Why, weren’t we just talking yesterday about a professor who thinks MATH is now racist? Well, when you have an environment like that, idiots like Eddie Curlin know the time is ripe for some good ol’ racial graffiti.

“Last fall and in the spring, the otherwise quiet campus of Eastern Michigan University was hit by three ugly incidents of vandalism targeting blacks that rocked the community,” reports the Washington Post.

Let’s just stop right there, because this is exactly what we’re talking about. Three incidents of vandalism “rocked the community?” Jesus Christ, we pity these kids if they ever have to face anything approaching a REAL problem.


In September of 2016, someone sprayed “KKK” on the wall of a dormitory, along with a message that read “Leave N***ers.” Then, a few weeks later, the same message popped up – heavens to betsy! – right next to the Martin Luther King monument on campus. Finally, this spring, “a third racist message was left in a men’s restroom stall.”

“It really has rocked our community,” EMU political scientist Judith Kullberg told The Washington Post. “In this whole context of a very tense presidential election it has raised anxiety here considerably.”

There’s that phrase again…

This week, we found out that EMU was not being overrun by white supremacists. Indeed, the perpetrator was arrested and he was, of course, a black man – the above-mentioned Mr. Curlin. The Washington Post assures us that, upon learning the identity of the criminal, “the university was shaken again.”

Shaken to its very core, we’re sure.

Oh, side note: The EMU police chief told the campus newspaper that the vandalism “was not driven by politics and it was not driven by race.”


We guess Mr. Curlin just…really likes that word?

Who knows. When the usual “blame whitey” narratives collapse, campus officials often stop making sense, so we’ll just take anything else said about this crime with a grain of salt. Everyone on campus is, after all, completely rocked and shaken and stunned to their very bones over this very important serious business.