Long before all – or any – of the facts were in on the shooting at the offices of Maryland’s Capital Gazette offices last Thursday, liberals were already on social media and television with their typical calls for more gun control legislation. Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action, Nancy Pelosi, and many, many members of the media were among the chorus calling for legislative changes. As a representative example, we have Gabby Giffords, the former lawmaker who was shot in 2011 and has since become a voice for gun control.

“Reporters shouldn’t have to hide from gunfire while doing their jobs,” said Giffords. “A summer intern in the newsroom shouldn’t have to tweet for help. We shouldn’t have to live in a country where our lawmakers refuse to take any action to address this uniquely American crisis that’s causing so much horror and heartbreak on what feels like a daily basis.”

We certainly sympathize with the first two statements there; it would be nice to live in a world where no employee of any kind has to hide from gunfire, ever. Unfortunately, we do not happen to live in that world. Reality says that there are bad people, crazy people, and people who have some motivation – rational to them, surely – to go and kill others. And if nothing else, this shooting in Annapolis proves that there is literally nothing we can do on the “gun control” front to stop them.

Maryland, as it happens, has some of the strictest gun regulation in the country. Semi-automatic rifles are highly restricted. That didn’t matter in this case because the shooter used a shotgun to carry out his massacre. The state requires that residents obtain a special license to purchase a handgun. This, of course, did not hinder the shotgun-wielding assailant. Nor did the requirement that resident register their handguns with the state. If these laws had any effect at all on what happened at the offices of that newspaper, they only made it more difficult for employees to get a gun of their own that they might have used to protect themselves that fateful afternoon.

We understand that Americans of all political stripes have an impulse to “do something” when we see tragedy after tragedy of this sort on the news. We understand why liberals get so upset when they see the “thoughts and prayers” sentiment from politicians they perceive as standing in the way of a gun-free, safe utopia.

The problem is: That utopia is imaginary and it always will be. Going on a crusade for “gun control” after these shootings is every bit as meaningless as the left thinks these offers of thoughts and prayers are. It’s become nothing more than political gasbagging; empty cans rattling around to make a bunch of noise and get on television. There IS NO conceivable form of gun control that will deliver us from this madness.

It’s time to face that fact head-on. Then, if we still want to “do something,” maybe we can start talking about solutions that will actually work.