Anti-Gender MA Bill Could Open Door To Sale Of Children

( A new bill out of the Massachusetts House would effectively legalize human trafficking under the guise of expanding “parents’ rights.” The curiously named “Parentage Equality Bill” is ostensibly about reworking parentage law such that surrogates and adoptive parents are legally recognized as “the parents” of the child, replacing the former legal framework which recognized the biological parents.

The expansive radical legislation from the same state that gave us gay adoption and gay marriage first in the country is now radically altering the definition of parenthood, if the unanimously passed house bill is formalized into state law. The probability of that seems high at present.

The bill uses completely gender neutral pronouns, clearly indicating that ideology is first and foremost in the authors’ minds. Parenthood, under the law, would be defined by intent to parent instead of biological status. Father is now “genetic source” and mother is referred to as a dehumanized “birthing person.”

The bill would legalize the sale and auction of unborn babies, even after a woman is pregnant. The framework is so expansive that it would theoretically legalize a woman auctioning off her unborn baby as long as there was a legally binding surrogacy contract in place before the child’s birth. A woman could theoretically get herself pregnant using a sperm bank and then auction her baby off, and do so repeatedly. Surrogacy typically earns a woman around $100,000 or more, depending on the circumstances.

Anyone who did something similar under adoption law would be prosecuted for human trafficking. The bill creates a particularly disturbing loop-hole for would-be child-traffickers in the state while simultaneously ignoring the right of the child to be raised by its biological mother and father, a situation which has repeatedly been demonstrated to be the ideal for all children.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) heralded the unanimous passage of the bill, cheering on the expansion of “gay rights” while seemingly unconcerned with the rights of the child.

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