If South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has any sense about her, she’ll reign in the dogs when it comes to her Domestic Violence Task Force. Haley called on the task force to recommend ways to support her Protection from Domestic Abuse legislation, signed into law this summer. And for a state struggling with one of the nation’s highest rates of domestic abuse, many of the task force’s recommendations make sense.

Among the highlights are initiatives to make it easier for victims to fill out paperwork, provide prosecutors to districts still using police officers to try their domestic violence cases (!), and hand out brochures that advertise domestic violence resources to various local communities. All good.

But it’s where the task force moves into educational initiatives that they exceed their mandate. To this end, they recommend that schools teach children to spot and report violence, unhealthy relationships, and “other issues” to their teachers. And while children should of course be encouraged to report violence, this proposal is disturbing when paired with what Haley’s legislation actually does in practice.

The Protection from Domestic Abuse Act, at its heart, is a gun control law. And it mandates that an individual found guilty of violating the state’s healthy home living regulations will lose their gun rights for either three years, ten years, or life.

What’s more disturbing, though, is this creep towards a scenario where kids are pitted against their parents. One can imagine the stretches built into a program like this. Is Daddy infantilizing Mommy with pet names? Chauvinism is a form of violence, little Billy. Fess up. Agents are standing by.

This story brings to mind an anti-gun PSA commercial that ran last December, encouraging kids to steal their parents’ guns and turn them in to a teacher. As if there is a school in the country that wouldn’t initiate a lockdown in 2.2 seconds. The point, though, being that the anti-gun left is growing desperate. Unable to convince adults to give up their Second Amendment protections, they are now turning to kids who don’t know any better. Their soft minds are so ripe for this kind of indoctrination. Scare them enough, and they’ll turn snitch in a heartbeat.

Don’t these people have any shame?

Over the last year or so, the gun control crowd has seized on domestic violence as a winning platform. Realizing finally that their dubious statistics weren’t getting the job done, they are going straight for the heart. The emotional impact. And, in the process, they are hoping to make gun control a women’s issue – all the better to accuse Republicans of waging a war on women. Perhaps it was through this lens that Haley chose to sign the bill.

Keep in mind that this isn’t about preventing domestic violence-related murder. A 2006 Duke University study proved that laws that restrict domestic violence offenders from owning guns had – to quote the NRA – a “substantively insignificant” effect on related homicide rates. This is political theater for Haley and an opportunity to eat away at the Second Amendment for the left.