This week, Donald Trump lost an adjective. In Cleveland, Republican delegates took “presumptive” away from the New York billionaire, making him the official GOP nominee going into the fall election. And after all the speculation about brokered conventions, conscience votes, and delegate uprisings, the NeverTrump movement amounted to little more than a distraction. The media was fascinated by the prominent Republican luminaries who declines to attend Trump’s coronation, but not even the liberal wags at the networks could pretend that disgruntled delegates would have any impact on the proceedings.

But you have to give these people credit: They are nothing if not determined.

While Paul Ryan was commencing a delegate roll call vote at the Quicken Loans arena, NeverTrump conservatives gathered down the road to discuss the way forward.

“We believe that it’s not only possible but it is plausible that a candidate will emerge, get on the ballot, and fight to give Americans a better option, so we’re not giving up,” said Joel Searby, the chief strategist for Better for America. Searby told a crowd of sympathetic conservatives that several VIPs were expressing interest in a third-party candidacy.

“More and more Americans of the highest stature have reached out to us and continue to ask questions,” Searby said. “We’re getting calls and emails that say, ‘Now, tell me again how I can do this?’ And so I just want to give you hope that there are a lot of Americans who are looking at this moment and saying we have to do better.”

Pragmatically, such a candidate would need to overcome a few obstacles, the first of which are the country’s diverse ballot deadlines. Groups like Better for America say those deadlines would not survive a constitutional challenge, but that remains to be seen. Even if a candidate can clear that hurdle, anyone other than a Mitt Romney is going to have trouble building name recognition in the 2016 environment. This race isn’t exactly hurting for drama, and these two candidates – Trump, especially – can basically control the media spotlight at will.

For whatever reason, though, Searby is confident.

“We think we can spool out a presidential campaign in a matter of days, that’s how much talent we have,” he said.

But then, the NeverTrumpers have never lacked conviction. You could probably make a very long video from clips of Republicans saying, “Donald Trump will not be the nominee.” They were all mistaken. And if they think they can launch a successful campaign, much less pull off an unprecedented upset, they will be wrong once again. The people have spoken, the 2016 primaries are in the record books, and Donald Trump is indeed the nominee. If these conservatives really care about this country’s future, they’ll help us make him the next president.