Army Official Resigns Over Biden’s Israel Support

( – An officer in the U.S. Army is protesting support for Israel in its war against Hamas by resigning. He initially shared his resignation letter internally in April but found his sentiments resonated with a number of his colleagues such that he felt releasing it publicly was appropriate.

You can read the two-page resignation on Maj. Harrison Mann’s LinkedIn profile. He described how U.S. support for Israel is enabling ongoing conflicts in the region, including those outside of Israel’s borders.

His LinkedIn profile suggested Mann has been in the Army since 2011 and has been working under the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) Middle East/Africa Regional Center since 2021. Mann’s letter pointed out that many of his coworkers will be asked to continue to support Israel’s military operation in Gaza as it expands in Rafah.

Mann advised those still working at the DIA that they aren’t alone, voiceless, or powerless. The DIA provides intelligence to other nations regarding ongoing conflicts around the world.

It’s unclear whether or not there have been other resignations in protest of America’s support for Israel. In February, a U.S. airman self-immolated outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C. after explaining his refusal to be complicit in “genocide.” Aaron Bushnell, 25, died from his wounds days afterward and the Air Force confirmed he was on active duty at the time.

Biden has been under political pressure from radical leftists and Palestinian supporters within the Democrat party. During the primary, numerous states revealed significant percentages of voters who chose “none of these candidates” or another equivalent as a protest-vote.

Mann explained that he hoped the war would wrap up quickly, but that as time went on he felt pressured to withdraw his contributions and support by working at the DIA. He suggested the ongoing conflict was causing the starvation of millions, including children, which he couldn’t countenance.

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