In March, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) disgusted America when she appeared at a CAIR event to dismiss 9/11 as “some people did something,” before going on to explain why it was so important to protect the civil rights of Muslims. If her remarks drew horror and condemnation from veterans, patriots, conservatives, and anyone who actually remembers that dark day, they were particularly ill-received by a man named Chris Kelley. The 27-year veteran of the U.S. Army was so taken aback by the Muslim lawmakers remarks that he decided enough was enough. That’s why he’s intent on making Omar a one-term congresswoman.

“September 11 was a terrible loss of life, not just for police officers and firefighters and other first responders, but 3,000 people and non-combatants died, and to be dismissive of that was an outrage. I could sit and complain or I could do something about it,” Kelley told Fox News. “And I believe I can be a positive voice in standing up for people in our country, and for our first responders and the people every day on the frontlines.”

Kelley is launching an Independent bid for Omar’s seat. He says that she’s spent too much time cultivating her celebrity status and not enough time working for the people of Minnesota’s 5th District.

“As former military, I am here to serve and not further my status. I want to do a good job for the people I represent and I don’t have a personal agenda,” said Kelley. “I’m passionate about service and I just want to be able to continue that.”

Kelley told Fox News that while he was determined to win the seat, he wouldn’t stoop to dirty politics in an effort to do so.

“I won’t be bringing in controversy and scandal,” he promised. “I will be bringing firsthand knowledge of the things that I know are going on in the community as an officer. I see a lot every day – the homelessness, the opioid crisis; I want to bring these things to the forefront and put some ideas on the table on how to deal with them. I want to do anything I can to make people’s lives better; I just want to sit and listen to people and make some positive change.”

It sounds like he would be a much more fitting representative for Minnesota than the virulently anti-Semitic, crazed Omar. Hopefully, her constituents feel the same.