Hollywood may be flailing when it comes to providing original entertainment at the nation’s cinemas, but you can always count on them to give us some terrific entertainment on the subject of politics. Today’s entertainer is Ashley Judd, who used to be a famous actress. In an online interview with Larry King, Judd gushed over the possibility of Hillary Clinton taking the White House in 2016.

“Obviously, I love Hillary Clinton,” said Judd, beaming with the glassy eyes of a natural-born liberal zealot. She went on to say that Clinton “might be the most overqualified candidate we’ve had since…you know, Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.”

King barked laughter at the suggestion, but it appears that Judd is serious. That she probably knows nothing more about Jefferson or Washington than their names is a good bet. And her endorsement of Clinton must be viewed in the light of her comments about Obama in 2012. Keep in mind that this was after we’d already seen four years of evidence that the president was leading the country into oblivion. “I think that he is a powerful leader,” Judd told NBC’s David Gregory. “I think he’s a brilliant man. I think that he has an incredible devotion to our Constitution.”

The Platform to Pontificate

Well, liberals are going to lib. The question is why we keep paying attention to what a bunch of entitled, drama-school millionaires think about politics to begin with. Why does the ability to display some charisma in front of a camera qualify you to talk about the direction of the country? I’m not saying these idiots shouldn’t be allowed to say what they want, but I am wondering why anyone takes them seriously. Judd once wrote an article insisting that anyone who bought an Apple product was financially supporting rape (thought she used much more graphic imagery to get her point across.) Why would an interviewer even ask her what she thought about…well, anything?

Because these stars are larger than life, we ascribe to them superhuman intelligence to go along with their above-average looks and lifestyles. Well, they are famous. They must know more than that guy at the office. They must know better than the checkout girl at the grocery store. And some of them might. But there’s no reason to assume it’s so. And judging by most of what we hear out of their mouths, they might actually be less qualified to speak about politics than the average joe.

George Washington led the country to a victory against the British that was all-but-impossible on paper. Thomas Jefferson, with a stint as Minister of France and a stint as Secretary of State, already has an equal resume to Hillary Clinton before you get into the fact that he, you know, wrote the Declaration of Independence. Comparing Clinton to these great men is like comparing Ashley Judd to Marlon Brando or Daniel Day-Lewis. In other words, patently ridiculous.