An atheist teacher in Panama City, Florida is complaining about the abuse she received from her students at Merritt Brown Middle School. Susan Creamer posted her sad tale on the Atheists of Bay County Facebook page, recounting in detail the horrors she’s been forced to endure.

“There is a bevy of boys in one of my classes (middle school) who are taking turns either inviting me to their church or leaving (anonymously) flyers inviting me to church events,” Creamer wrote. “Today, I found one on the A/V cart I use for a podium.”

Truly, this is an argument for atheism in and of itself. What God would permit such evil? Invitations to church? ON THE A/V CART? It’s a wonder Ms. Creamer is even able to get out of bed in the morning, much less summon the strength needed to communicate on social media.

“Every time any child sneezes, they loudly say ‘God bless you!’ and look in my direction,” she continued. “I have complained twice to my principal – one last month and once today. She has spoken privately to one or two of the little cretins, but it seems to do NO GOOD. I am feeling bullied and harassed. It has become intolerable. I don’t feel like talking with the parents will stop the inappropriate behaviors because, for all I know, the parents are encouraging them.”

So, she admits that she hasn’t even taken the simplest measures – talking to the parents – because she’s so enamored by her own victimhood story that she’s decided the whole community is against her. Is this idiot serious?

Also…how do her students know she’s an atheist?

Creamer’s complaining may not have done anything about the terrorism she is subjected to in the classroom, but it did alert school officials to her own inappropriate behavior. A spokeswoman from the Bay District Schools said Human Resources was looking into the teacher’s online activities. She said teachers were not permitted to criticize students on social media.

“I don’t think it matters [if the page is closed to the public], because eventually someone else is going to see it posted, which is what happened,” said the spokesperson. “People were re-posting. If you said things on there, which she did, about students, no, I don’t think it matters.”

We don’t want to see Ms. Creamer get in any serious trouble over this – it’s pretty silly to punish her for ranting on a private Facebook page – but maybe this incident will help her come back to reality. These atheists always fancy themselves so much more rational and intelligent than the rest of God-fearing America, but they sure seem to be a sensitive bunch.