Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Monday that her Department of Justice has filed a federal lawsuit against the state of North Carolina in response to the state’s lawsuit against the DOJ. All of this litigation is of course tied to North Carolina’s recent “bathroom bill,” which requires men and women to use public facilities that match their at-birth gender. Because suddenly, the Obama administration thinks they have the right to force states to adopt a very liberal and very unscientific view of gender identity.

In her speech, Lynch made several remarks that cannot go without comment:

“An extension was requested by North Carolina and was under active consideration. But instead of replying to our offer or providing a certification, this morning, the state of North Carolina and its governor chose to respond by suing the Department of Justice.”

We can’t know the truth about this assertion, but it’s certainly not the story told by NC Governor Pat McCrory. On television Sunday, McCrory said that the DOJ would only grant the extension if he admitted that the law was discriminatory. It was because of this ultimatum that he filed suit. Perhaps we’ll find out who’s lying in one of these dueling lawsuits.

“I want to note that we retain the option of curtailing federal funding to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and the University of North Carolina as this case proceeds.”

So, let’s get this straight. The North Carolina legislature passed a bill that Obama doesn’t like, so the answer is to punish the state’s citizens by depriving them of education and transportation funds? That makes sense. Let’s put the whims of a few hundred transgendered folks above the economic concerns of millions. Terrific.

“This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for our nation. We saw it in the Jim Crow laws that followed the Emancipation Proclamation. We saw it in the fierce and widespread resistance to Brown v. Board of Education.”

This is such a nonsense tactic. It uses the weight of obvious wrongs in our past to make it seem as though the current issue is the same. But if you think about it for more than a millisecond – a challenge for most liberals – you can see that this “logic” could potentially be applied to anything. It’s all dependent on leftist perceptions of what constitutes “progress” and what doesn’t.

Well for millions of Americans, what we’re seeing now is the very antithesis of progress. We are moving further away from science, further away from moral truth, and further away from our founding precepts. If Lynch is right and we are making progress, it’s terrifying to imagine what we might be progressing towards.