In an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Monday, Steve Bannon said that he wouldn’t be surprised if the anonymous op-ed published in the New York Times last week was the product of more than one person inside the Trump administration. While the article was published under the pretense of belonging to a single rogue soldier within the ranks, Bannon said it was more likely that a group of hostile figures got together and wrote the piece as a collective.

“I don’t think there’s any one author,” said Bannon. “There are many voices in there. I think that’s a much broader conspiracy than people think. I think it’s probably six to a dozen people.”

As President Trump’s former chief strategist inside the White House, Bannon has the authority to speak on this subject. The former Breitbart chief has been outspoken about the anti-Trump forces within the administration, and he has publicly expressed concern that the president’s agenda was hindered as much by Bush administration holdovers and NeverTrump conservatives as it was by Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Judging by the tone and tenor of the NY Times op-ed, it would appear that he was absolutely right. The piece wasn’t written by a liberal Democrat but by an obvious neocon upset by Trump’s notions on trade and foreign policy, to say nothing of the other areas where the president diverges from traditional Republican ideology.

Bannon said that regardless of who actually wrote the piece, it was incumbent on the president and his trusted advisers to ferret out the traitors in the White House.

“I mean, there is a coup, like saying there was a coup by General McClellan and his senior leadership in the Union Army to try to thwart what Abraham Lincoln wanted to do in the civil war,” Bannon told Ingraham. “You have the exact type of coup right now. What was said in that anonymous letter was absolutely outrageous. And I think the president ought to make immediate and direct action to find out who the conspirators are.”

With all of these disparate forces working against him – the Democrats, the NeverTrumpers, the media, and the Mueller investigation – it is nothing less than a miracle that President Trump has managed to get anything accomplished at all. It is a testament not only to Trump’s strength of character that he has persevered in the face of this adversity but a sign of just how powerful his agenda really is. At the end of the day, Trump’s supporters keep him afloat with their undying loyalty and their firm belief that this is the right direction for the United States. Our reward is already coming through in the economic numbers, the deterioration of the liberal media, new trade deals, and the restoration of the American reputation. And we’re only two years in!

If the forces working against Trump seem like they’re getting even more vicious and desperate than ever, it can only be a sign that they are losing…badly.