In an election special on Fox News this weekend, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro ripped into the Democrats (and the weak-spined Republicans) for demanding an FBI investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Shapiro pointed out that most Democrats are already on the record opposing President Trump’s selection for the court and that they are in no way interested in getting to the bottom of the sexual assault allegations against him. Indeed, their only concern is pushing back the confirmation vote as far as possible – preferably until after the midterm elections.

“For weeks, Democrats have been engaged in delay tactics designed to push off Kavanaugh’s confirmation beyond November 6,” said Shapiro. “It began with Senator Dianne Feinstein, who received a 36-year-old allegation of sexual abuse on July 30 from Christine Blasey Ford, then did nothing — nothing — about it for weeks upon weeks until it was nearly time to confirm Kavanaugh. Then, she suddenly came forward with the allegations, demanding a hearing. Republicans attempted to facilitate one. Democrats delayed. Meanwhile, Democrats demanded a full FBI investigation — an investigation they hoped would take weeks on end.”

Shapiro said that there was literally no point to an FBI investigation that will actually carry less criminal weight than one the Senate Judiciary Committee conducted. Without criminal charges hanging in the balance, FBI agents will have no subpoena power and will have to rely solely on voluntary interviews. Since those interviews have already been conducted, with Ford’s witnesses having already declined to corroborate her story, the true purpose of the investigation is obvious: Delay, delay, delay.

“Will the FBI investigation satisfy people who oppose Kavanaugh?” Shapiro asked. “Of course not. It’s all about the stall. Just like clockwork, Ford’s lawyer said that the investigation shouldn’t have any timeline or any restrictions. This will be the talking point from Democrats all week. And we can surely expect more uncorroborated allegations to be brought forward by Democrats. After all, they’ve spent the last two weeks humoring allegations up to and including gang rape.”

The longer this charade goes on, the more opportunities Democrats and their friends in the media will have to tear Kavanaugh’s reputation to shreds. Already they have moved the goalposts, saying that even if the sexual assault allegations don’t disqualify Kavanaugh, his reaction to them does. He has been pursued and destroyed by a smear campaign; now we’re supposed to oppose him because he reacted to that smear campaign with righteous anger?

And then tomorrow, it will be something else. They will never stop trying.

When will the Republicans put an end to this and hold a vote?