While nervous murmuring continues about the collapse of the country, we will at least not have to worry about our society going under (just yet) due to a socialist takeover of the federal government. On Tuesday, Joe Biden crushed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, all but ending the democratic socialist’s hopes of being the Democratic presidential nominee. Whether Bernie knows it or not – and he certainly doesn’t seem ready to admit it – his chances in this primary just went from slim to none.

One would expect to see increased pressure now from Democratic Party elders for Sanders to fold it up and concede the race to Biden. It was always clear from the beginning that the DNC establishment wing wanted virtually anyone to win the race other than Sanders, and now that he’s more or less closed off from clinching the nomination, you will see their voices going from subdued to loud.

It’s obvious that whatever appetite there may have been on the left for “revolution” has been dampened during one of the greatest economic/public health crises in American history.

“The routs in Florida and Illinois, two of the biggest prizes on the national map, represented both a vote of confidence in Mr. Biden from most Democrats, and a blunt rejection of Mr. Sanders’s candidacy by the kind of large, diverse states he would have needed to capture to broaden his appeal beyond the ideological left,” reported The New York Times.

“Mr. Sanders, of Vermont, has struggled since his first presidential campaign in 2016 to win over black voters in larger numbers and to persuade voters who do not share his ethos of democratic socialism that he can be trusted to lead the party into the general election,” the report continued.

Yeah. It’s looking now like Sanders’ youth revolution was little more than a college campus/internet thing. It almost makes you wish we could go out en masse and vote on things like identity politics, safe spaces, trigger warnings, and whether or not trans females should be allowed in girls’ sports. Because in short order, you would likely find out that these, too, are figments of the public imagination that are being given outsized attention because of social media.

Sanders’ collapse should give us pause before we hand over the country to the Twitter mob.