You know what, forget about the economy for a minute. Forget about the disaster that Bernie Sanders’ economic bamboozles would be for the middle class and the overall future of American wealth. Forget about all the cultural “woke” stuff that his presidency would affirm and solidify. Forget about the Marxist implications lying behind every single one of his promised giveaways. Just put it all aside for a minute.

On Monday, Sanders let loose with what could fairly be called his most dangerous tweet of the campaign, and it’s one that every single American ought to internalize if they are even THINKING about voting for this communist.

“My first executive orders will be to reverse every single thing President Trump has done to demonize and harm immigrants, including his racist and disgusting Muslim ban,” Sanders wrote.

The reason why this is worth focusing on – even to the exclusion of everything else this loony-tune has said – is that this is one area where he is NOT to the left of the other candidates. Not really, anyway. The goofballs who were calling for the decriminalization of the border are pretty much gone, so this is what we’re left with: A return to the enforcement policies of the Obama administration. That’s a BEST case scenario. But as we know from the rhetoric of Sanders supporters like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Linda Sarsour, this is a president who will go much further than that.

But without even getting into ludicrous ideas like abolishing ICE or opening the border, let’s just take Bernie at his word: He’s going to reverse everything that Trump has done on this issue.

That means, yes, he’s going to lift the “Muslim ban.” We’ll have thousands of poorly-vetted immigrants pouring in here from some of the most dangerous countries on the planet. Wonderful!

That means he’s going to raise the cap on foreign refugees, which ensures that we’ll hasten our decline into third-world country status while simultaneously setting the stage for the next terrible terrorist attack. Terrific!

That means he’s going to undo any and all border wall construction done under Trump, which means the cartels will be newly empowered to help migrants (and drugs) get into the country from anywhere and everywhere along our porous border.

Oh, and here’s something beautiful: Sanders has pledged to open America up to 50 thousands “climate refugees” per year. Apparently he thinks that being “too warm” is now sufficient cause to emigrate to the United States.

Like we said, Sanders is an extremist in many ways, but his views on immigration are right in line with the Democratic Party’s mainstream platform. That’s why neither he nor any of the other candidates running for the nomination can be allowed anywhere near the White House.

Four. More. Years.