Besides DeSantis, New GOP Contenders Rumored to Bid Against Trump

( – Although Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis receives most of the focus as the main rival former President Donald Trump may have to do battle with for the Republican nomination in 2024, rumors of a few more contenders are spreading.

At this point, almost everyone is expecting DeSantis to announce his campaign, and his team seems to be gearing up for it, but he’ll have some other prospects to go up against.

One of those prospective GOP nominees appears to be former South Carolina Gov. Niki Haley. Multiple sources confirmed to Fox News that Haley is set to officially announce her bid for the White House on Feb. 15th. Haley traveled across the country last year with her group Stand For America, supporting fellow GOP candidates in the 2022 midterm elections, and pundits have predicted for a while she would run for president.

There are also rumors that former Vice President Mike Pence may enter the race. Despite holding off on announcing going up against his former boss, Pence told CBS that “we’ve got time” to enter the race.

Like Trump and now President Biden, Mike Pence is also embroiled in a classified document scandal. Pence himself reported the documents, which he found in his Indiana home, to the FBI, who are now expected to search his home.

Even though Pence may enter the race against him, Trump still defended his former VP in a Truth Social post after the story of Pence’s classified documents was announced.

Biden hasn’t announced his decision to run for re-election just yet, but those around him have indicated that he does plan on running for a second term. It’s unclear, though, if that will play out. The ongoing classified document scandal may throw sand in those gears. Some Republicans, such as Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, even suspect the document scandal may be part of a plot by Democrats themselves to eliminate Biden as the 2024 nominee in favor of running younger, more appealing prospects against Trump.

Despite Haley and Pence as possible rivals, Trump clearly sees DeSantis as his biggest threat, as he continues to take shots at the Florida governor.

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