Biden and Harris Accused of Fear Mongering

( – The Biden administration is desperate to keep the conversation away from economics, so they’re running around the country advertising abortions.

Biden’s tour seemingly promotes the fear that if a woman lives in a Republican-controlled state, her very life is at risk due to potential restrictions on abortion.

Protesters interrupted the chief executive within a minute of him taking the stage during a campaign event in Manassas, Virgina on January 23rd. Someone asked Biden how many babies he killed before security removed him from the event. Biden faced over a dozen interruptions as he attempted to continue his speech. One yelled about a cease-fire in Gaza while another called him “Genocide Joe.”

The interruptions were countered by Biden’s supporters who chanted “four more years” to drown out the criticism.

Critics of the president’s move to advertise abortion suggest he’s attempting to scare women into voting for him and call the tactic “transparent.”

Abortionists frequently attempt to characterize the procedure as life-saving and medically necessary while neglecting to admit that well over 95% of abortions in the U.S. are elective procedures done by healthy mothers with viable babies. New data is suggesting that of those who elect to have an abortion, over half would keep the child if they were financially and emotionally supported throughout.

It’s generally agreed that when the woman’s life is in danger or the child isn’t considered viable that abortion is a reasonable option.

Texas is a frequent target of abortion promoters. Texas has outlawed abortion and doesn’t have exceptions for rape or incest, but it does allow abortions for medical reasons outlined previously. There have been 34 such instances in the state since the law took effect.

Biden’s fearmongering includes messaging that suggests medically necessary abortions won’t be performed and the mother could die. He also suggested birth control wasn’t available or that miscarriages would be criminally punished. These arguments are classic misconceptions and are repeatedly deployed any time abortion practices have been challenged or criticized.

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