Biden Breaks Border Records in 2023

( – Although lawmakers originally saw 2023 as the year the immigration and border crisis would be mitigated and brought under control, the US faces record-setting numbers of encounters going into the New Year, and the Biden administration continues to decline in favorability.

Exactly one year later, in December 2022, a new record of more than 252,000 immigrant encounters was recorded at the southern border, and this was while Title 42 was still in place, even though it was already being challenged in the Supreme Court. The public health order, which was issued at the end of former President Donald Trump’s administration during the 2020 pandemic, allowed the US to expel illegal border-crossers rapidly. It ended in May 2023.

At the beginning of this year, President Joe Biden and his administration announced a variety of new measures intended to restore order at the US-Mexico border and pushed Congress to approve immigration reforms and additional funding for the measures. Among the strategies employed is the expansion of “lawful pathways” for immigrants to settle in the country so there’s less incentive for them to try and get in illegally.

After a visit to the border, Biden then announced in January 2023 a program allowing up to 30,000 Venezuelan, Cuban, Nicaraguan, and Haitian immigrants to fly right into the country every month and paroled into the US. The president said the actions “will make things better” but won’t “fix the border problem completely.” And he was right. The crisis is worse than ever.

The Biden administration also expanded the use of a governmental app called CBP One, used by immigrants to schedule appointments and process asylum applications exempting them from Title 42. Republican lawmakers blasted the effort, calling it a private “concierge” service for illegals.

Although the numbers began to drop in the following months, dropping to 156,000 migrant encounters in February, new problems started to arise after Title 42 ended on May 11, 2023, to the delight of Democrats and activists who felt the order was outdated and cruel. A surge of crossing followed.

Now, the numbers are back up, and the White House is calling for at least $14 billion in additional funds to deal with the situation. Democratic mayors across the country are also becoming frustrated with their party leader as their city resources are pushed to the brink.

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