Biden Campaign Persuaded Former Intelligence Officials to Sign Letter Discrediting Hunter Biden Laptop Story

( – Former acting CIA Director Mike Morrell testified before the House Judiciary Committee that President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign organized a letter signed by intelligence officials to discredit the New York Post story about his son’s laptop as Russian disinformation, amounting to election interference worse than any foreign tampering.

Morell testified to the House Judiciary Committee that just a few days after the New York Post published an email from Hunter Biden’s laptop suggesting he introduced his Ukrainian business partner to then-Vice President Joe Biden, Morell was contacted by Antony Blinken (now Secretary of State) around October 17, 2020, prompting the composition of a letter declaring the story to be Russian disinformation.

The former head of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, said the FBI “knew the Hunter Biden laptop was real” and “had possession of it in December 2019.”

Despite this knowledge, Biden’s campaign composed the letter a couple of weeks before the November 2020 presidential election declaring the Post story to be Russian propaganda without any evidence, and then Morell persuaded 51 former intelligence officials to sign it.

The letter was used to discredit the story and Biden cited the letter during the second and final presidential debate against then-President Donald Trump during the election, claiming the information in the Post story was false and planted by the Russians.

Ohio Republican Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan and chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Rep. Michael Turner sent a letter to Blinken last Thursday stating that they are “examining the origins of the infamous public statement signed by 51 former intelligence officials that falsely discredited [the Post] story.” They called the Biden campaign’s “concerted effort to minimize and suppress public dissemination of the serious allegations about the Biden family” a “grave disservice to all American citizens’ informed participation in our democracy.”

Jordan and Turner are requesting that Blinken hand over any and all documents and correspondences related to the letter as well as to identify to the House everyone who was involved in the “inception, drafting, editing, signing, publishing, or promotion” of the letter.

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